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Jacob Staron Music

Tutoring in Honolulu

Welcome to

The Music Garden,

Where Music Grows."



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Music Lesson for the following instruments...



Music Theory

In-Home Learning Pod

My mission is to provide my students with the information and skills they will need to develop a passion for music, and enjoy a life that is enriched with the many blessings that only music can offer.


Music Garden lesson packages include the following...

-HI state taxes
-customized lesson plan 
-supplemental sheet music and materials
-weekly progress reports
-free parking 
-travel costs for in-home students
-one on one mentorship and advice


Music studio is located in my home

in the Kaimuki area of Honolulu

'Try it out"

   a single 45 min. session to experience learning from Jake and see if it is the right fit for you


 "Music Lesson Packages"

 Weekly 30 min in studio or online lessons. Customized to fit your schedule and help you reach your musical goals!


 "Accelerated Music Lesson Packages"


 60 min in studio lessons. Made to fit your schedule and for optimum progress.


Connect with me today to learn more

and start your music journey!


Premium instrumental music lessons offered directly in your home for optimum comfort and convenience. 

Family and multi-student rates are available.

All ages and abilities accepted. 

Starting prices based on Honolulu area homes and are all inclusive of travel fees and expenses. 

Please inquire to learn more!


Music lessons via video chat are a convenient and great way to learn music for adults and kids!  Having weekly video lessons and new educational content helps hold you or your child accountable to their music development!  

Connect with me today to learn more

and to start your music journey!



Musicians who are actually good teachers are hard to find. But Jake possesses both qualities of being a good musician and a teacher. It became clear to me very quickly from the first class that he was an experienced instructor for all levels. Just how he communicated the material to an absolute novice was impressive; he knew how to deconstruct the subject that was easily understandable. I started looking for a music teacher when my daughter received a used guitar as a birthday gift, and was introduced to Jake through my neighbor. I am very pleased that my daughter is being exposed to music from such a young age and through an excellent teacher. We hope to continue learning from Jake as long as possible.

Daniel S.

Lessons with Jake have been a fantastic experience for my son, Oliver. I feel so fortunate to have found Jake and The Music Garden. Oliver was already 13 when he decided he wanted to take piano lessons, and Jake was able to hook him and keep him interested, despite Oliver’s ever-shifting interests and somewhat challenged ability to focus. He kept his time with Oliver fun and inspired Oliver to learn more about music theory and even music production. Jake has a bunch of cool instruments in his studio and was willing to let Oliver experiment with a few and has always encouraged Oliver to try new things, while also fostering continued commitment to piano. The Music Garden itself is in Jake’s home- a lovely house in the Palolo Valley - it’s like taking lessons in a tree-house. And as an added extra bonus, he has a pet bunny. If you have been lucky enough to find Jake and The Music Garden, you and/or your child is sure to have a truly special musical journey.

Stephanie M.

Jake is an amazing music teacher and an amazing human being in general. He is super committed to helping you improve and getting you where you want to go. He’s kind, patient, supportive and uber talented in anything music related from learning to play instruments to composing, theory, and live performance. He really tries to cater to exactly what YOU want in music. Love my time with Jake! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him for anyone wanting to up their game, nothing but great vibes.

Thomas K. 

Dear Mr. Jake, Thank you for teaching me how to play the violin. It was difficult, well anyway, I got through my problems. It was fun to play the violin! The first time I was of course nervous, but then I started playing violin and I got more fearless!

Terushi, age 6

Benefits of music in your child's life...


Simply....“Music connects people”.  It may be a cliche' phrase, but in this case it does wonders for keiki minds. Young children love dancing, singing & pantomime. They repeat what they hear and see, and usually like to share it with others. Music develops children’s verbal and motor skills, it gives them confidence and energy to explore the world around them and share it with others. Perfect way to get those shy kids out of their shell.

Giving your keiki the opportunity to learn an instrument can be highly beneficial for their motor skills. Music education that starts at a very young age can do wonders for brain development. Learning a string instrument, for example, can improve left and right hand coordination in children. Similarly, playing the piano, while simultaneously pressing the pedal and reading notes, is an excellent practice for hand-eye coordination and agility. On the other hand, just dancing and singing develops children’s overall body coordination along with socialization.


One of the more surprising benefits since it's usually seen as opposite subjects is... music and math. These are two sides of the same coin. Reading and counting music actually requires understanding of fractions, division and keeping rhythm. Ongoing music playing improves these skills and develops logical thinking. What’s also interesting is that the same part of the brain is responsible for spatial skills, also required for understanding math.

Do you want live music entertainment geared

towards kids for your next party or event?

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Jacob Staron is a Honolulu, Hawai'i based songwriter, composer, teacher and performer.

His music ranges widely from classical, jazz & folk.

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